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Jason Suarez SER Faculty Coordinator
Wendy Lozano Student Services Specialist Student Equity
College Success Methods for Students College Success - eLearning module explores what defines a successful college student. Transfer Pathways | Student Activity - eLearning module explores the transfer process and transfer resources. Information Processing | Student Activity - eLearning module explores how humans learn. Research Methodology | Student Activity - eLearning module explores the sources commonly used in college level research. In-Class Essay Examinations | Student Activity - eLeaning module explores how to write a timed in-class essay examination. Effective Note Taking | Student Activity - eLearning module explores technology can help one become more effective at note taking. Active Reading | Student Activity - eLearning module explores how to become an effective reader. Time Management | Student Activity 1 | Student Activity 2 - eLearning module explores how to manage time and address procrastination. Student Equity 3CSN: Equity Summit Fullerton College (September 15, 2015) ECC SER: Student Equity Seminar Series Association of American Colleges and Universities: Committing to Equity and Inclusive Excellent | Set Up and Lead for Equity | The Equity Imperative California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office: Student Equity | Management Informations Systems Data Mart Center for Urban Education: Five Principles for Creating Equity by Design | Equity Scorecard Edchange: Equity Literacy: An Introduction | Equity Literacy for All Estela Mara Bensimon: Closing the Achievement Gap in Higher Education: An Organizational Learning Perspective Estela Mara Bensimon and Frank Harris III: The Equity Scorecard Estela Mara Bensimon, Robert Rueda, Alicia Dowd adn Frank Harris III: Acccountability, Equity, and Practitioner Learning and Change University of Souther California: Center for Urban Education General Education Redesign and High Impact Practices 3CSN: California Community College Success  Network American Association of Colleges and Universities: Liberal Education and America’s Promise | Give Students a Compass California State University: Give Students a Compass Center for Community College Engagement: Home | National Reports  Debra David: Giving California Students a Compass    Ashley Finley and Tia MacNair. Assessing Underserved Student’s Engagement in High Impact Practices. Association of American College and Universities, 2013. Huerta,  J., and Bray, J. “How Do Learning Communities  Affect First-year Latino Students?Journal of Learning Communities Research, 2008, 3(1) Learning Communities Research and Practice Journal: Volume 1 (2013) Issue 1 | Issue 2 Price, Derek, V. Learning Communities and Student Success in Postsecondary Education. MDCR, 2005. Nanct Shulock, Colleen Moore and Connie Tan. A New Vision for California Higher Education. Sacramento State Institute for Higher Education and Leadership, 2014. Washington Center at the Evergreen State College: National Resource Center for Learning Communities | Resources Student Success and Retention California Community Colleges: Student Success Scorecard Campaign for College Opportunity: The State of Higher Education in California - Latino Report Center for Community College Engagement: Publications  | Aspirations to Achievement - Men of Color and Community Colleges University of Indiana: Decoding the Disciplines  Institute for Higher Education Leadership and Policy: Divided We Fail Lumina Foundation: America’s Call for Higher Education Redesign Nodine Thad et al. Changing Course: A Guide to Increasing Student Completion in Community Colleges Public Agenda: With Their Whole Lives Ahead of Them Rendón, Laura I. et al. Ventajas/Assets and Conocimiento/Knowledge: Leveraging Latin@ Strengths to Foster College Success Research Triangle Institute: Evaluation of the Academy for College Excellence