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Peer Assisted Study Sessions

What is the PASS Mentor Program? The PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) Mentor Program assists students with course content in the classroom and in PASS sessions by providing faculty with class mentor. In addition to discussing course content, PASS mentors also adress study- related problems student may face and provide general advice on a wide range of topics relating to student equity and student success.  What is the Role and Function of PASS Mentors? PASS Mentors meet on a weekly basis with faculty to discuss specific issues, content or directed activities to be covered in PASS sessions and to address specific challenges students are facing in mastering course content. During this sessions, both faculty and PASS mentors also discuss the means by which to best secure equitable outcomes in the course. All PASS mentors are trained in the following:  Equity-minded dialog and  action planning Brain-Based Learning Overcoming personal barriers Threshold concepts What do PASS Mentors Specifically do? PASS Mentors facilitate avenues for student equity through the following: Help the students in the class during individual or group activity time when it is appropriate to do so. Plan and facilitate PASS sessions using interactive learning strategies rather than re-lecturing or completing students' assignments for them. Attend all class lectures for the semester. Take notes and pay attention to what students may be having difficulty with. Attend weekly staff meetings and ongoing training. Attend de-briefing sessions with the PASS Coordinator for feedback and evaluation. Demonstrate good learning strategies and share appropriate materials with students and faculty.
Equity is not about equal treatment of students, but equal educational results. With equity, all students—no exceptions—are guaranteed success in school.” Curtis W. Linton
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PASS Mentor /Student Modules College Success | Activity Information Processing | Activity  Research Methodology | Activity  In-Class Essays | Activity  Note Taking | Activity  Active Reading | Activity Time Management | Activity 1 | 2 

PASS Mentor Program