Brazil’s Independence Movement

When examining the independence movement of Brazil, historians conclude that it “can be explained by a series of factors, both internal and external . . . but it was the wind from without that set the events on an unforeseen course as far as most of the participants were concerned.” In fact, it was the transfer of the Portuguese royal family to Brazil  which historians point to as putting an end to this colonial system.

Take a moment and reflect upon what you have learned about the external and internal factors that led to independence in Spanish America. Having done this, revisit the following selections looking for details on Brazil’s independence and post-independence experience

Teresa A. Meade, A History of Modern Latin America, Chapter 3 and 4

Also read:

Joao Paulo Pimenta, Brazilian Independence: Change and Continuity

After reflecting on the content of these readings, address the following question by leaving a comment below.

What external and internal factors led to  Brazil’s independence? Can one argue that Brazil’s independence was not to come from a revolutionary break with Portugal such as in the case of Spanish America? What ultimately sealed Brazil’s independence?


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