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Student Equity Reenvisioned

SER College Hour Workshops

“In seeking equality rather than equity, the processes, structures, and ideologies that justify inequity are not addressed and dismantled. Remedies based on equality assume that citizens have the same opportunities and experiences” J.T. DeCuir and A.D. Dixson  .
College Hour Workshops SER College Hour Workshops  provide faculty with access to a selection  topics on student equity. The aim of the workshops is twofold:  1. To inspire faculty to develop equity-minded designs. 2. To help promote student equity across the curriculum.
Equity is not about equal treatment of students, but equal educational results. With equity, all students—no exceptions—are guaranteed success in school.” Curtis W. Linton
Welcome! SER invites you to participate in its College Hour Workshops where you can discover a wide range topics on student equity. Please join us throughout the semester as we explore equity- minded designs and their application in the classroom. Jason Suárez | SER Faculty Coordinator
Workshop Topic Blended Learning and Student Equity Date/Time: April 6 - 1:00-2:00pm Location: SOC 127 Presenter: Jason Suarez