Career/Major Portfolio Activity
Introduction If you were to take a survey of your students as to what they know about the transfer process more than likely a large percentage would answer they are not clear as to the resources and steps involved. Critical to creating guided pathways is clarifying paths for students and helping students get on a path. Along with establishing course sequences and progress milestones for students, it is equally important that they also understand the process itself for achieving transfer success. The following activity has been created to help students acquire this knowledge and help them reflect on major choices, career choices, transfer target choices. It will also allow them to learn about attainment of jobs and the state of the labor market.  Depending on the course, a faculty member may assigned this activity as part of the student assignment load or as extra-credit. The instructional objectives and Guided Pathways alignment of this activity are as follows: Detailed information on target career and transfer outcomes First-year experiences to help students explore the field and choose a major Full program plans based on required career/transfer exploration This activity consists of two parts. The first part has students complete a self-paced eLearning  module on the transfer process. This module decodes for students to the transfer process process itself and introduces them to relevant resources that are embedded into the module’s content.  Career/Major Portfolio eLearning Module The second part of this activity is to have students complete the Career/Major Portfolio itself. This is a PDF form that has students research and reflect on their major choice, career choice, and transfer target choice. Students are asked to download this form to their local drive and keyboard their responses into the form. They should be reminded to save their information regularly. Career/Major Portfolio Form Contact Jason R. Suárez ( should you have any questions about the content or how to implement this activity in your course.
Jason Suarez SEA Faculty Coordinator
Wendy Lozano SEA Student Services Specialist

Student Equity and Achivement Program

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