Student Online Survey
Introduction With the end of COVID-19 pandemic nowhere in sight online instruction has moved from an option to a necessity. The infectious nature of COVD-19 has placed a tremendous burden both in the education system and its students.  In these challenging times it is important for faculty to be flexible, proactive, relational and intrusive in order to maintain learning environments that are equitable and inclusive. More than than ever, it is important for faculty members to know their students and their needs. The following activity is meant to provide one doorway into the challenges faced by student during these times and in their transition to an online learning environment. It is an online survey that can be administered before the semester begin or at the start of the semester itself. The survey asks students a variety of questions about the impact of COVID-19 on their lives, their familiarity with online learning environments, and their familiarity with student services. The survey itself can be administered via and email prior to the start of the semester or as an assignment during the first week of the semester. The survey can downloaded and any necessary adjustments can be made to its content and structure.  Example of Student Online Survey - Social Sciences 101 Download Copy of Student Online Survey Contact Jason R. Suárez ( should you have any questions about the content or how to implement this activity in your course.
Jason Suarez SEA Faculty Coordinator
Wendy Lozano SEA Student Services Specialist

Student Equity and Achivement Program

“Equity refers to achieving parity in student educational outcomes.” -  Center for Urban Education